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  • Finding a partner can be a game of relativity. To make your experience as rewarding as possible. Consult our National Tennis Ratings System to find out what level tennis player you are.
  • A good rule of thumb is to hedge on the conservative side. Many times our own game isn’t as good as it seem through more objective eyes. For instance, if yesterday you hit five “rocket serves” for aces in your local game ask yourself, is that something that is normal for me?
  • Typically, we won’t judge our own games on days we hit 17 double faults nor should we judge ourselves on a day when we play “out of our minds”! Does this make sense? Usually our game is somewhere right in the middle.
  • Save your brilliance for on the court and not your own evaluation of your tennis profile. Now all you have to do is hope your future partner has done the same. Feel free to ask your partner a lot of questions once you exchange emails. This way you can achieve common goals from your offline tennis experiences.

Here are some sample essays from players who have used our Find a Partner service.

Maybe I’ll see you on the courts somewhere soon? Good luck!

Brian Lutz :: U.S.T.A Rated 5.0 Player
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