24 September 2014 0 Comments


My introduction to tennis as a kid was against a wall.
Practicing against the wall can be quite beneficial if you are reinforcing proper technique that you will use against humanity.  The challenge is the wall doesn’t really give you a lot of variety that a person does.  This dilemma can create [...]

9 September 2014 0 Comments

Find Your “A-Ha” Moment on our TennisTIP Court

The fun part of learning tennis and improving one’s game is developing a feel for the racquet, the ball and positioning your body to make your tennis game more efficient.  In this video above we teach players how to “absorb and push” the ball for successful volley.   We hope you find this video informative and [...]

20 August 2014 0 Comments


Men are driven by hierarchy in our American society.  How much do I make? What kind of car do I drive? And how big is my tennis racket? : )
There is no better way to present this in athletics than the time tested sports section’s ranking index.   These rankings are not perfect or complete but [...]

12 August 2014 0 Comments


We are in the midst of compiling all of the Singles rankings for each category and division for the 2014 tennis season here in Miami. Below is the up to date Women’s Singles rankings.  There are two tournaments left to play here at the end of Summer and beginning of Fall: Best of Miami and [...]

7 August 2014 0 Comments

Meet Our New TennisTIP Pro, Elena on Saturday Night #NYC

NYC is a town of endless opportunities including playing some tennis in a cool indoor venue on the 38th floor of a hotel in Midtown on Saturday night with our new tennis professional, Elena.   It’s only a click away.
Elena is an acclaimed Ukrainian tennis player who has been a champion of Ukraine in [...]

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