21 April 2014 0 Comments

Come Out of Your Cocoon! 30-Day Unlimited Tennis Lessons

There is something natural and rewarding about struggle.  I was surfing YouTube yesterday and saw an interesting video on the birth of the butterfly.  It seems the struggle from cocoon to life is the important element for strengthening its wings for life.  It’s not unlike working out the kinks in [...]

31 March 2014 0 Comments

How to Hit a Tennis Ball: Compress & Roll

Most of us are visual learners.  We learn to do things from mimicking others.  When we were in grade school we learned to spell this way.  No one talked about the feel of the pencil in our hand when we wrote our first letter.   When you attend world class tennis tournaments [...]

13 March 2014 0 Comments

Miami Indoor TennisTIP Classes: Mar 22nd

Indoor Tennis Lessons are back in downtown Miami.
We got bumped by Sharapova from our first choice of court time and her 3-hour practice session but we are happy to find time to play as well on Saturday from 10am -1pm, March 22nd.  If you are headed to watch the Sony Open [...]

5 March 2014 0 Comments

Strive for Greatness! What Does It Mean To You?

Dear TennisTIP Members:

#StriveForGreatness what does it mean to you?

For those of us who are regular Joe’s and Jane’s it can be
difficult to relate to celebrities who receive
international recognition and awards. But an interesting
social media campaign entitled and promoted by Lebron James,
#StriveForGreatness, got me thinking…

Who is the franchise player in your life? It’s yourself.
If [...]

20 February 2014 0 Comments

Popular Question Answered. How Long Does It Take to Excel at Tennis?

It takes approximately 10 years, 7 days a week 8 hours a day to become a elite, world ranked tennis player.
We teach a lot of first time tennis players.  The most popular question my staff and I get is:  How long does it take to excel at tennis?  First, lets define a good [...]

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