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You Really Got Me

For those who watch American Idol or The X Factor you know how Simon Cowell always takes a personal disdain for artists who perform the cover songs exactly like the original. Cowell, in his not so subtle way, encourages artists to be bold and take a chances to express the fundamentals of the song with their own original and unique interpretation.

One of the best examples of this is with the classic rock hit by the Kinks entitled “You Really Got Me” (1964).  Fourteen years later some kid from Southern California named Edward Van Halen (1978) took that song and made it his own.  What a difference it was as Van Halen explored all parts of the guitar and his amplification and sound system to find cutting edge style and sound to music to the modern guitar that literally rocked the world and rock musicians everywhere.

At TennisTIP, my inspiration derives from this musical comparison.  Not surprisingly, most of my lessons plans are written while I listen to music.  From there I get feedback from my team.  I typically do a few revisions, get more feedback, listen to more music, re-write the lesson plan one last time and then take it out in the field to rehearse what I have developed with our staff. By the time it reaches you the tennis student you are seeing what we hope is the finished product.

Above two guitar players celebrate on YouTube both The Kinks and Van Halen versions of the “You Really Got Me”.



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