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Red Ball Tennis

The Tennis Course for Beginners | taught by Brian Lutz

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The ideas you implement are just as important as the practice you put into them.

We give you the concept, the action plan and the tennis coach to help you learn how to play tennis. Join us as we make tennis rewarding and easier to learn for one payment of $35.  Or subscribe to our site for $7/month.


You will get over 3 months of tennis instruction for $35.

Our comprehensive hand crafted teaching progression removes confusing terminology and concepts found on YouTube. The easy to follow techniques that you learn here will be with you your entire tennis playing life.

Start with our three orientation videos to get started followed by your first Pop Quiz. You will get two lessons plans each week last 2-4 minutes in length with 3 days in between for practice with occasional Pop Quizzes to keep you on your toes. The entire Red Ball program will take approximately 100 days to complete.

Now, imagine your game in the near future playing with consistency and ease with rallies that engage for 8, 10, 12 and 20 shot points. What a thrill it will be. It's all here for you at your finger tips.

Lets begin today. $35 Single Purchase or $7 per month annual subscription.

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*Please note  subscription plan is only available in USA, Canada, Western Europe, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

All other counties are Single Purchase. $35 US 

Brian Lutz
Brian Lutz
Tennis Professional

I first picked up a tennis racket at a family picnic. We used to slap ball with our crude and warp shaped tennis rackets against the side of the barn and see how hard we could hit the ball and still keep the rally going. It evolved over the years to a shed, wall and then finally an actual tennis court. I quickly learned "slapping the ball" was not the answer as my shots sailed hopelessly long over the baseline into the back fence. Sound familiar?


Over the past 33 years I've gathered a lot of easy to consume concepts, techniques and progressions to help students improve. I've brought all of these ideas from on court experiences, learning from my peers and the best concepts I've seen from online tennis videos to one place: TennisTIP.

For $35 with only a red tennis ball, wall and your racquet you can learn the fundamentals of hitting a tennis ball with accuracy, consistency and joy.

The best part is I will be here for you during your entire online journey. As I will offer interactive support via our discussion area and on social media. So as your game grows I will be there with you. to advise and encourage you.

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