For me it started in 1999. I was in charge of a call center in New York City for a grassroots adult tennis lesson campaign. I was managing over 11 operators who were answering the phone and taking credit card orders for our adult group lesson program. It cost $5,000 a week to run and we were blowing through our USTA grant money quickly. Needless to say, it wasn’t the most efficient operation so I immediately recommended changes. Instead of hiring temp workers who needed lots of training I decided to outsource the telephone operation to to an answering service in Midtown and save 50% right off the top. We were now operating at $2500 a week and had operators ready 24 hours a day rather than simply 9-5. I thought it was a good value proposition. Saved half and got more coverage. But to my surprise the outsourced operators still needed training and lots of it since they didn’t really know anything about the tennis business. They knew how to answer the phone and take orders. I needed another solution and I knew what it was since we were blowing through too much cash even at 50% savings. It was time to take things online via the internet.

This is when I started I used the same model quit my job and started teaching adult beginners how to play tennis in high school and university gymnasiums. It was here I self-disovered how to teach people with little or no experience how to play tennis. I learned how to relate to different learning types with small and large groups of players. Ironically, I ended up learning more about myself than I ever imagined as I customized my vernacular away from traditional confusing tennis terminology towards easy to consume pathway towards improvement and my students own self discovery.

This methodology is the basis of my teaching today and it derives around discovering these "a-ha moments" while you learn the game. Now I've created a online pathway where students can take the journey with me to finding the lifelong rewards of learning a new skill, creating new friendships and getting a great workout.

The library of videos within our online school are designed specifically for self-starter who is dedicated and task oriented. I will be with you along the way with new tips featuring one on one lessons as well as samples from my own group classes here in South Florida. Pay attention as Pop Quizzes will come up as you move through the lesson plan and your game evolves.

I've been teaching tennis for over 33 years and I think you will find my lessons plans informative and fun. Join me in self-discovering the game you always wanted to learn together with me.

Oh! One more thing here is me in our old TV commercial back on the streets of NYC introducing people to the art of hitting a tennis ball.


Brian Lutz

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